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Monthly Archives: December 2007

Docs election


Tomorrow is the last day to vote for Fedora Documentation Steering Committee members. So, what are you waiting for? Vote! If you’ve already voted, thanks!

Accessibility is the cornerstone of science and open enquiry


Over the last few years, I’ve watched and worked with my wife as she has managed her chronic disease using the web as one of her tools. Recently I had a mental flash — a connection between her success with open enquiry of field-specific experts, how access to the originators of new science is a […]

Mental breaks while working at home


Over the years I’ve tried not to make a big deal out of being a remote employee, or remotee in Red Hat lingo. I’m a big proponent of distance work, and am now fairly experienced with the last seven years as a 100% telecommuter and distributed team member. But … the topic is a risky […]

Elections can be painfully heartening


Catching the last of the low December sun’s afternoon heat out in the back 1/20th, I just finished casting a ballot for the Fedora Project Board elections. Some elections are spit-easy to vote in, and some are difficult. This Board election stirs several feelings in me. One is the pain of sorting through a list […]

Fedora brand, Red Hat business model, and CentOS love – oh my!


In his great answer the secret to Red Hat’s success, Donald Rosenberg really, really, really understands the balance of Red Hat, Fedora, and CentOS. (digg that article if you dug it.) What made me bounce in my seat was this insight: … Red Hat … did not abandon the little people. Instead, they found their […]

Help lead Fedora?


Have you ever thought that Fedora could use better leadership and direction?  Or you like what you see and you want more of it? Been expressing your opinions and might have enough others who would vote for you? Nominate yourself for the Fedora Project Board, the elections are underway and voting opens this week. BTW, […]

Out and back again – returned from Sutter’s Fort


(Catching up with this post, since I started it but didn’t complete it when we got back from Sutter’s Fort.) We returned to the 21st century on Wednesday 28 December, driving back with both girls and their good friend Mikaela. We stayed overnight on Monday at a homeschoolmate’s brother-in-law’s house in Sacramento. Thanks, Dylan! With […]

Showing tonight on home science theater


Tonight I’m lining up these pages for some science video fun to watch with my girls. We’re looking for cool experiments to be inspired to try. Also, Malakai asked to see an old favorite we used to call “The Packet Movie” when she was three and four. Robert Krampf’s really cool science videos Warriors […]