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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Circular thinking – understanding the Fedora Board part 2 … err … part 3


After a comment made by Josh Boyer on the fedora-advisory-board, I was prompted to make a blog post, “WTF is the Fedora Project Board“. This morning I was looking through my blog archives on LiveJournal when I discovered that I actually started this series with a post there, “Understanding the difference between the Fedora Board […]

Best FWN headline


Just noticed this triple-recursive Linux-centric humor when catching up on my Fedora Weekly News: AVC:Denied {trolling} For PID=666 Comm={SELinuxRemove} Kudos to the development beat writer, Oisin Feeley, who is really on top of his game.  Huzzah!

Summer coding project ideas for Fedora

27-Jan-08 Summer in the Northern Hemisphere has been very busy the last few years since Google introduced its Summer of Code project. Folks are beginning to include the Southern Hemisphere. The Summer of Content from OLPC already plans to cover both Summers with two project rounds per year. Summer is a traditional time for students […]

WTF is the Fedora Project Board


Pardon the epithet in this post’s title. I’ve been hearing this question for a long time, since before I sat on the Board, and ignoring it isn’t making it go away. So I give up already! I’ve now been on the Board long enough to be able to make a reasonable stab at explaining who, […]

Open Source vs. open source


There is a saying, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds,” from Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essay “Self-Reliance.” Ralph is 100% accurate — where the consistency is foolish it is not worth worrying about. (Unfortunately, I often hear this quote with the words “a foolish” dropped; at least, many people seem to think that […]

Mo’ better Fedora marketing


This morning we had a productive teleconference about Fedora marketing. We’ve got a group of interested, motivated, passionate, and experienced marketeers at Red Hat who want to help Fedora marketing. The teleconf was a chance for us to do some ideating about how to introduce that group into Fedora as leaders and doers. A pause […]

FUDCon Flickr group


If you’ve got pics to upload and use Flickr, this is the group to join for FUDCon pics.

Fedora marketing revitalization


As a last hackfest item before my flight, we’re talking with Red Hat’s press/comms superstar Leigh Day about Fedora marketing. She is leading a mini-design thinking session with us around everything from our communications mechanism to how we handle event planning and execution. We’ll have to rely upon someone else here to transcribe our notes, […]

Wiki Gardening


At today’s FUDCon hackfest we’re working on trimming, pruning, and replanting some parts of the Fedora wiki. The goal is to create a common way for project/content areas to present information so that users and contributors can learn common pathways. We’re making some templates for common landing pages that can be used by project or […]