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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Fedora is the best of ideas from your shower


This is Gavin King‘s vision of Fedora: Fedora has all the latest and greatest stuff that someone thought of in the shower in the morning and thought “this is the coolest thing ever”. [The] trouble is that you cannot support that for seven years. I think you mitigate the problem of a lot of crazy […]

Where is the “Now available in Fedora” button for OpenJDK


Nice prominent advertisement for installing OpenJDK 6 in Ubuntu on the OpenJDK website. Where is the one for Fedora? Anyone have a contact at OpenJDK?  Seems like we could give them the equivalent set of installation instructions for the page, “How to download and install prebuilt OpenJDK packages.” I’d really appreciate that being updated somehow, […]

Hometown libre software love – Santa Cruz Public Library selects Koha


Caught this recently, our local public library has chosen an open source solution (Koha ZOOM) and provider because, “We are convinced that open-source products provide greater functionality and control over what we can do with an ILS system,” (Dan Landry, Director of IT for SCPL). From the press release I was pleased to read that […]

California history brought to life on the little stage – Part I


In these two little gems, my eldest daughter, Malakai (10), is dancing and singing with her classmates. These kids all homeschool with the same program, Alternative Family Education, and this play was part of a California history class they’ve been in all year. Malakai is in the center of the dance line, tall in the […]

GSoC statistics snapshot


Do the numbers yourself from “The Fedora Project &” page, but here is my quick dump from what I’ve seen so far: 68 proposals, 45 mentors 12 accepted projects (student slots) Approx 1 in 5 proposals rose to the top 25% of the accepted projects are about Transifex, which is a GSoC project from […]

Talking with developers


The standard Fedora presentation is to show: what is Fedora? who is Fedora? why does Fedora matter? how do you join the open source movement? I’m going to give a variation of that at CommunityOne in a few weeks, and be prepared to answer questions on those topics plus others in the “Operating System Community […]

Misrouted text messages


Pardon this off-topic post (for my Fedora category, anyway), but a large body of might-be Verizon text message users are reading this, and I’m interested in finding out if my situation is unique, typical, or endemic. For the last few months I’ve been receiving from one to several incorrectly routed text messages a week. I’ve […]

Chicks and chicks – the livestock report


As per my earlier Twitter: We found the last place w baby chicks of and 4 girls are on the go. Mo Blog Later. … which was written on the go, while I was on a last house errand after we strapped my two-year-old neighbor in the back with my six-year-old and her eight-year-old friend.  […]

Linux truly is for the People


Epic. I’m presuming this is for Red Flag Linux, although I cannot find a matching image to the flag at the end of the video. When we are at FUDCon we must shoot a video like that for Fedora, but instead parody an epic Fantastic Four scene. Who gets to play Galactus?

Fedora at Sun’s Community One event


On Monday 5 May, I’ll be attending Sun’s CommunityOne, an open and no-cost event for developers. Aside from going for the general interest and relationship to $dayjob, I’ll be giving a talk on Fedora and sitting on an “Operating System Community Panel.” As a bonus, the Community One pass gives access to the pavilion and […]