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Monthly Archives: June 2008

A join page workflow


Luke Macken caught me for a few minutes last weekend, after he had talked with Greg about skillset capturing. Luke wanted to talk about the join page work that Mo and I lead last year, and how to merge that with the idea of capturing skills of people when they join, then funneling directly to […]

Notes from FUDCon BarCamp talks


In the talks that I was participating in on Saturday’s FUDCon BarCamp, I wrote notes and linked them from the final schedule. Unlike other types of conferences, there tend to be far, far fewer prepared slides for BarCamp sessions than typical presentation situations. I’m sure there are some slides that people have to post, but […]

Travelogue — Summit bound


Some memes surround activities as does fog by the Bay. Flying over the Sierra, Lake Tahoe about to slip below, it’s the kind of time where a disconnected writer is tempted to journal even without a blog client. This infamous travelogue. That’s right, a plain text editor (/usr/bin/emacs for me) is all between me and […]

Miniature dinosaurs in my garden


Working today on solving a long-standing SSL problem with, here in the garden is where I came to escape the Harry Potter + Lego fest in the living room. Five of the buff orpington hens are on their first outing ranging around our garden. This side of the property is a bit weedier than […]

Wiki update – lost content and l10n


This week I answered a question about lost content on the new wiki after the migration, from a contributor concerned about content randomly lost across the wiki and no one knowing it is gone. His suggestion was programmatic, that is, fix the migration script for where it dropped content and do some kind of re-import […]

Wiki edit rules – learn ’em


The editing help and rules page (aka Help:Editing) in the Fedora Project has grown over the years, including a partial rewrite after the recent MediaWiki migration. It’s really very good. Sure, it’s a bit long of a page. Well, not really, but I understand how you can feel that way. But it takes less time […]