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Monthly Archives: July 2008

A word about Intel’s Moblin and Fedora


When the Reg article broke about Moblin moving from Ubuntu as a distro base to Fedora, a few people contacted us at the Fedora booth at OSCON to say, “Go talk with those guys right now!” So we did. Folks seem to be wondering similar questions, hopefully this post answers or points in the right […]

A travel FAIL


After a long run of relatively trouble free travel, though you couldn’t ever tell from my blood pressure, I finally whiffed one this morning. I forgot/underestimated the amount of people traveling at 5 am. The security line was monumental, although it really only took me 30 minutes ot traverse. The whole thing put me up […]

Deep writer, beat writer — finding your niche in Fedora


Some years ago we brought the concept of a beat writer in to Fedora, as a way of merging a tradition from writing with a tradition from open source. By breaking down a monolothic document such as the Fedora release notes in to modular chunks, multiple people can collaborate on the whole document while keeping […]

Let’s talk about release notes, shall we?


This process is really simple: You write content here. We edit the heck out of it. For Alpha and Beta releases, we make a one-page here. For RC to final, we take all that writing and editing to make up one set of rump-bumping release notes. People, please! You know something already that should be […]

OSCON here we come


A bunch of us Fedorans are going to be at OSCON next week. The cool Fedora booth! Lots of open source ISVs to ask, “Why aren’t you in Fedora yet?” Free stuff! Hairy booth babes! A trip to the Oregon State University Open Source Labs!! Aside from the Fedora work, I’ll also be wearing my […]

Sign of the times – free floppies


Yesterday I was walking downtown and passed a big “FREE” pile that was leftover from a garage sale.  There was a case with seven boxes of 50 each 1.44 MiB floppies.  That is around 500 MiB of storage across 350 floppy disks.  At the same time, there in my pocket were two USB flash drives, […]

EPEL package count


For some reason I thought that I had published a presentation with an EPEL package count that was wildly inaccurate, like 3000 for el4 and 7000 for el5. I could be recalling incorrectly, maybe I’ve always gotten that one right. If you have seen something from me that reports numbers that are high like that, […]