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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Fedora CMS focus and scope


After my post, Why and where Fedora needs a CMS solution, which included a follow-up discussion on fedora-websites-list, there were questions and gentle dissent. I think those stemmed mainly from it not being clear what the intended scope is for a CMS solution. There were also calls for one or another specific CMS solution, which […]

Why and where Fedora needs a CMS solution


Since I answer these questions regularly, as has been this history of this discussion, I’m hammering it out in one location forevermore. A wiki is a lovely thing, in its own way and when used properly. It is a community documentation tool, making it very, very easy to collaborate on creating ad hoc or planned […]

ISV special interest group in Fedora


If you don’t know what an ISV is, then you aren’t part of one. Independent software vendors are everyone from Red Hat to small two-person coding boutiques. They are a group in the business world that has specific needs and problems, which may or may not match with the other needs we have in general […]

Fedora is about to break what is most important to you …


… and the only way you can prevent it is to test Fedora 10 Alpha. Fortunately this is stupid easy. Grab an Alpha ISO live image, load it on to a USB device, or just run it straight up in a virtual environment either using virt-manager or from the command line: su -c ‘qemu -cdrom […]

A matter of community evolution — reflections on interviews from LinuxWorld


Thanks Linux Pro Magazine for getting together some community folks from various Linux distros and letting us appear, in a side-by-side comparison, as nearly identical. ;-D This is not a criticism! It just shows there is a certain amount of convergence in the popular Linux distros, no matter how many comparison shootouts people are holding. […]

Fedora 10 (Cambridge) Alpha release notes

04-Aug-08 We’re going to keep them editable unless things really get slammed. The new wiki is structured to handle the scale of a release, unlike previous releases, and I’m happy to give it the test under fire. Something missing? Use the [edit] link. Edit link missing? Try Log in / create account.

3 reasons to help at the LinuxWorld Fedora booth


If you are a Fedora friend, Ambassador, or hacker, there are many reasons to take a shift at the Fedora booth in the .Org Pavilion at LWCE SF 2008. Here are three of my favorites: North American Fedora Ambassadors are in the midst of a nice resurgence, this is a great time to show your […]