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Monthly Archives: September 2008

How is licensing fun?


Because Spot in looking out for it. Aside from doing a fantastic job, he is brutally honest. He also has a great turn of phrase: “There’s probably a Perl script running that company now …” (No, I won’t say what company.) Thanks Spot for always being way out front on legal and licensing issues. Fedora […]

Chickens + feed = eggs


Just an anniversary note, we found the first eggs from our chickens on Sunday 21 September. Just in time to celebrate the equinox.  They are right on (one of the) schedules. So far, it is the Aruacanas who are laying the most, with multiple large, green shelled eggs. When everyone slows down from feasting on […]

Relate to this!


Not like I plot out my career. For real. I follow my instincts, heart, and then my head, so I’m less good at metrics and more good at, “It feels right.” The goal is similar, though — find a good spot where I can generate the most value for the shareholders, make the most difference […]

Your assignment for the upcoming F10 Beta relnotes


As Paul so kindly reminds us, Beta is a bigger attention point for a Fedora release. The release notes are front and center in that. Talk about, write in your blog, share on #fedora-devel and fedora-devel-list, scrawl this URL on the wall of the T station on your way to Harvard Square: What do […]

Formula for making distance work


Because I have to miss the North American Fedora Ambassadors Day, I’m thinking (as usual!) about the challenges of remotely working with people. Once again, here is a stellar opportunity to figure out how to include the non-there-in-person parts of the community. Especially around planning and decision sessions, which are different from the what a […]

Wiki structure and naming decisions


After moving to the new MediaWiki, it quickly became obvious that the old, CamelCase naming and organization scheme was insufficient. It did not take advantage of the more powerful MediaWiki categorization and namespace capability, created page names that are hard to understand and translate, and pages in CamelCase are (ironically) not searched properly by MediaWiki. […]