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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Synaptic tapping fail, is there a good fix?


(Below for an appeal on how to disable tapping for the touchpad in Fedora 10, which is now different than previous.) Upgraded to Fedora 10 on the Thinkpad T60, overall everything is pretty sweet. I tried to upgrade from F8 using Anaconda, the result wasn’t that pretty and left me nervous — I was still […]

praise git


We’ve been working with git as a distributed version control system (DVCS) for Fedora Documentation this release. All of these documents (Installation Guide, Release Note, and various README files) are authored in DocBook XML, so they work great within a VCS. Sure, it’s cool to work entirely offline, do granular commits, and merge perfectly with […]

Board break


With people writing about running for the Fedora Project Board, I want to take the chance to say I am not running for election this time. My Red Hat-appointed seat of the last 18 months expires with this election. My interest is in seeing some new blood working on the Board. I haven’t been spending […]