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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Fedora 8 User Guide sees the light of day


As part of a general housecleaning and reorganization, the Docs Project did some work to bring the Fedora 8 version of the User Guide out of obscurity.  Originally destined for conversion to XML (to be translated, etc.), this guide has languished on the wiki in a draft location, unfindable and unloved.  No more! The […]

Docs virtual hackfest over the holidays


The Fedora Docs team is going to have a series of hackfest days over the coming holiday weeks.  Topics being so far include: Wiki training – how to, do this, don’t do that, etc. Conversion of an existing Fedora Docs guide to Publican Finishing of the F9 User Guide, possible conversion to XML Start work […]

ISV SIG pages receive love


Did a little clean-up of the page contents and naming for the independent software vendors (ISV) special interest group (SIG) pages. One of the goals I am pouring more personal resources in to is the recruitment and support of ISVs for getting packages in to Fedora.  Now that the Fedora 11 schedule is […]

More than one way to skin a touchpad


A few days ago we got a nice view in to all the opinions and methods for dealing with tapping and the touchpad in Fedora 10.  Today I did an hour of work getting Jesse’s suggestion working.  In the end, the minimal ‘xorg.conf’ file was not enough.  I spent some time reading through the xorg.conf(5) […]