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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Leading from the comfort of my armchair


One of my favorite things about writing this blog is that I get to talk about me.  See, it’s right there in the name: “i, quaid.”  If you don’t figure it’s all about me, you are just not paying attention. This week we went through the pleasurable experience of anointing the awesome Eric ‘Sparks’ Christensen […]

Release note for disabling PC speaker actually in Fedora 10!


Lots of discussions about what to do with your PC speaker, I didn’t see anyone note that the CLI fix is described in the Fedora 10 Release Notes: Not sure how to make this easier to find.  Maybe a search for “fedora 10 pc speaker disable“? (Updated with fixed link/URL for the release note.)

Where are your FUDCon session notes?


One (of the many) things I appreciated about the last Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit was the immediate availability of session notes on the wiki.  For each session, people wrote a wiki page and linked to it from the main schedule.  I may even have started this practice two years ago, when only the […]

Moving toward a content management decision


While the wiki covers 90%+ of the content collaboration needs for Fedora, we continue to need a content management system (CMS) for the Docs Project.  A CMS gives us workflow tools that makes it easy to turn any contributor in to a publisher, while ensuring the ongoing quality of the content throughout the lifecycle of […]

Finding content output from FUDCon F11


The main schedule … … has links to some pages, and hopefully people are adding more.  Ideally they add [[Category:FUDConF11 BarCamp sessions]] to their page, too, so they get included in this page … I’ve extracted promises from most of the video/audio crew to do uploads of whatever we can tonight, at the […]

Small things that matter more than you realize


This morning the first smile I had was when I looked back over my shoulder at the Boston Cambridge Marriott to see not only my own Fedora window sign, but the signs of many others.  (There is a small cluster of folks on the 19th floor.) The signs are a small brilliancy that came from […]

The outside and inside of documentation, or, why aren’t you publishing on the Fedora wiki?


You may have noticed there is a larger world of free software outside of Fedora than inside.  The number of packages inside the Fedora Universe has really grown. You may have noticed there is a larger world of Fedora-specific how-to documentation outside of Fedora than inside.  A really huge amount.  You may notice that the […]

Functional areas of Docs Project


This is a blatent swipe of my original email to the list.  I’m revealing some of the interesting bits we’re going through in the Docs Project in improving our processes using the wiki in smart ways.  I’m hoping this is useful for other projects who want to renovate their presence on the Fedora wiki, which […]