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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Failure as the secret of success


People get mad at the Fedora Project all the time because something important to them fails to work.  “It used to work, it worked for a long time, and now it’s broken!”  They look at an idea that we tried out, failed, and learned from, and don’t understand how we could let that get in […]

Mentors with ideas – Google Summer of Code is a’calling


Hey Fedora contributors!  Have you got a hot idea you are willing to mentor a student on for this coming Summer?  Post it on the Summer coding project ideas for 2009 wiki page.  That is our premier list for the Google Summer of Code 2009. For good advice, read this article of advice for mentoring […]

Polarity of child raising


It seems to me there are two fundamental world views that drive parenting.  Depending on which you subscribe to, it says how you are going to make many choices from there. Your goal is to prepare your child for a rich and abundant life in the real world. Your goal is to let your individual […]

A bit FADdish — Docs wiki pages reorganization


This weekend while I was at SCaLE 7x for Fedora, stumbling but progressing on the Fedora 10 User Guide at the Fedora Activity Day (FAD), virtual-FAD work was occurring in #fedora-docs.  The team was busy getting at least the same amount of effort done on cleaning, organizing, and fixing the Docs wiki presence. We intend […]

It’s more than a passing FAD — the bad


Continuing the thought output from the first North American Fedora Activity Day (FAD) at SCaLE 7x, this post details the mistakes that we made and so should be learning from. Yes, the turn out was good and I said it is stronger than I realized, but … where are my West Coast homies?   I tend […]

It’s more than a passing FAD — the good


Writing the next day, it’s a bit hard to put myself back in the mindset of Friday morning and remember why, by 10 am, I was chewing nails, an idiom which here means, pretty angry and gnashing teeth over it.  But I think it’s pretty important for me to air the parts of the event […]

User:Kwade merges in to User:Quaid


I’ve long had two accounts in the Fedora Account System (FAS).  My online free and open community nick has been ‘quaid’ since I started at VA Linux Systems in 2001, and my ID ‘kwade’ has been my corporate login since 1997.  I appreciate having separate identities, and in all other locations have kept my logins […]

QA wiki renewal sounds great, just a few suggestions …


Adam Williamson made a blog post about Revising the QA Wiki Space and I have a few requests for them.  (I tried to leave a comment on his blog, but comments are only for registered users, and registering never got me a password, so I’m doing this here.  So I guess my first request is […]

Updated 2009 FAQ for Google’s Summer of Code


A heads up to anyone interested in being a Summer coding mentor or a student, the fine folks at Google’s Open Source Program Office have updated the frequently asked questions for the 2009 Summer of Code: Read that before asking a bunch of questions on some mailing list!

Free and open texbook FAIL


An article this week (“Free College Texbooks: Fad or Fabulous?“) got me excited that truly free content might be making its way to a more mainstream use in education.  The company, Flat World Knowledge, promotes their content as being, “Created by experts … enhanced by users … free to all,” and they appear to be […]