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Monthly Archives: May 2009

‘How to Build Applications Linux Distributions Will Package’ from PyCon


This video of Toshio Kuratomi’s talk at PyCon 2009 does an excellent job of explaining why developers really want to think about and solve for packaging.  I’m adding it to the list of useful bits under Why should ISVs care? on the ISV special interest group page.  Thanks Toshio!

Wiki migration success shows in the stats


When I was studying some of the Fedora statistics recently I wanted to see them graphed out.  The raw numbers weren’t speaking thoroughly to me, and when I started pushing them in to various types of charts, some interesting details revealed themselves.  In particular, the one around edits to the Fedora wiki. The graphic shows […]

New face in meaningful Linux shows, and a reportlet on OpenPrinting


(Back from nose to the grindstone, Spring at home is busy and end-of-quarter targets I’ve been working on for Red Hat are nearing completion. Appears that blogging and tracking email lists has fallen a bit to the wayside.) From Wednesday 08 April to Friday 10 April, I was in fabulous and mildly-rainy San Francisco to […]

‘Participate or Die’ presentation from LinuxFest Northwest


Running a little late posting these because I wanted to produce a nice set of speaker notes, and they didn’t exist before I gave the talk at LinuxFest Northwest. In addition, there were some slides that were missing from the presentation (my bad!), which had me going to a Web browser during the talk and […]

Community management – Hello!?! Irony? Are you home?


Max is totally spot-on, and I only want to add a thing or two about community organizing,  (After all, isn’t a little building and a little organizing what we do?  I love the deep irony in the title “Community Manager”.  Can you say, “Cat Herder”?  How about, “Oxy Moron”?) Watching David Nalley be interviewed, he […]

Measuring community contributions at LF Collaboration Summit


Folks at the Linux Foundation have just posted a bunch of video from the 2009 Collaboration Summit, including our panel on 8 April, Measuring Community Contribution (Flash video 🙁 … but they do have a downloadable OGG!)  Joe ‘Zonker’ Brockmeier (OpenSUSE community manager) led the panel that included James Bottomly (Linux kernel SCSI maintainer etc.), […]