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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Truly free homeschool software


Recently I’ve been seeing articles about homeschoolers using free software: Free homeschool software: Probably the best conjunction of words that a homeschooling parent has heard since they found out that their child is going to summer camp. Why shouldn’t it be? Getting more for less is as American as homeschooling itself. I’ve commented on several […]

Who owns your file system and what you put on it?


This was the central question I reckon I carried away after talking with folks from Nexenta.  They have an open source core,, that uses an OpenSolaris kernel with ZFS and a rebuilt Debian non-GUI userspace.  The combination provides network attached storage (NAS) with lots of potential as an open solution. What resonated most with […]

I want an ‘rpm2all’ tool


The open source software companies (ISVs) that I’ve been talking with about Fedora have a common problem.  Ironically they, as usual, are resolving this problem individually.  Making an RPM that relies upon system packages is not seen as desirable, as it reduces their portability and focuses (in their minds) on one delivery platform — RPM-based […]

People still write business articles like this?


This morning I was looking at the usual awesome performance of RHT stock and glanced at the business article under the headlines section.  Despite the article title being about another company, Red Hat must have been mentioned, so I gave it a look. In reading it, a number of inaccuracies and old school misconceptions leapt […]

We don’t document bugs but there is a page for that …


For a number of releases the bug triage team and others have maintained a common bugs page.  The idea is to make it simpler for a Fedora user to know if i) a behavior they have seen is already recognized as a bug, and ii) what there is to do about it (if anything).  It’s […]

Community Leadership Summit jelling – wiki up, attendees list grows


On Friday I had a good chat with Jono Bacon, who dreamed up the Community Leadership Summit, and Mel Chua, community leader from OLPC and Sugar who is interning with my team this summer.  Unsurprisingly, Jono has a lot of stuff sewn up and ready to go, including venue courtesy of O’Reilly. New and useful: […]

Interesting open systems problem


(This article arose from my sitting on an open source round table on Monday 08 June in Santa Clara, CA at ConnectivityWeek 2009.  My slides with full speaker notes are available.) For those who’ve never heard of building automation systems (BAS) and the smart grid, you have my pardon to take a few minutes to […]

And I didn’t have to do a thing


This is the first Fedora release since … Fedora Core 3? … where I wasn’t buried up to my neck getting the documentation ready for release. Paul and I have carried the Fedora Docs banner for a long time, but it became very obvious that we were standing in the way of progress by enabling […]

Power from the people, power for the people


The evolution of Fedora as an entity of freedom has been an interesting experience.  For example, participation in the project wasn’t always as freely available as it is now.  Before Core merged with Extras in Fedora 7, the only way to contribute to the central part of the distro was via an employee of Red […]

Presenting ‘Participate or Die’ at CommunityOne Monday 01 June


If you, your friends, colleagues, business associates, or just about anyone who needs … Support for how and why to invest resources in open source A cluebat about why your organization should participate in upstream projects … then send them to Esplanade 302 for my 11:50 am session this Monday 01 June, the first day […]