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Monthly Archives: July 2009

A swing, a miss, and a homerun – CLS day one


A whole first day and whole event full of observations, rich moments, and lots and lots and lots of value.  What else can you expect when you get together 200+ self-identified community organizer types?  People are active, engaged, energetic, enthusiastic, approachable and approaching, and fully responsible.  During the event, and now following, I did my […]

Fedora + Zikula = infrastructure of freedom FTW!


Today I was inspired to send the below email to fedora-docs-list; more details following the quoted email. On Wed, Jul 15, 2009 at 10:07:24PM -0400, David Nalley wrote: > Simon passed me (and I just put up) the fedora specific Zikula modules: > > To get the source: > git clone git:// > > Included […]

Fedora and OSCON and you?


We’re getting ready to represent Fedora at OSCON next week and are curious if you are coming?  Wondering if you’ve thought about representing Fedora yourself? The expo is Wed. 22 July and Thu. 23 July, opening at 10 am both days. Although the Fedora Ambassador presence worldwide is large and strong, not exactly the same […]

Why relicense Fedora documentation and wiki content


It is once again my happy duty to help shepherd Fedora content to a better licensing position (as I did three years ago.)  We previously moved Fedora documentation from the GNU FDL to the OPL, moving the wiki content to the OPL at the same time.  This current relicensing is very important for the Fedora […]