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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Celebrating spousal abuse


Last night I finished watching ‘McLintock!‘ on YouTube, a later-career (1963) John Wayne film about a cattle baron with a feisty wife.  It’s also a celebration of spouse abuse.  One character, near the end of the movie trying to convince Wayne that it’s time to give his wife a good spanking, “My father said, when […]

OpenSource World as predicted


I was a bit melancholy last week when OpenSourceWorld was happening in San Francisco.  I have barely missed this event since I had my mind cracked open in 2001.  But I stood firmly by my boycott of the event.  If they were going to act ashamed of and stupid about the open source projects and […]

Let me say it again: Get off our freedoms!


Chris Dawson, I understand you are concerned about your school system being sued by the RIAA in your post, “Let me say it again: Stop sharing music!” But spreading nonsensical fear and misinformation isn’t the way to do it. It seems an odd choice to restrict academic openness and freedom for the sake of bad […]

Copyright clarification tools from the ALA


Thanks to this dent from the Creative Commons team, I reviewed some tools about copyright and fair use.  The tools cover libraries making reproductions, instructors performing or displaying works, and an overall tool that helps you determine what is or is not in the public domain.  Very useful for instructors who might otherwise be tempted […]

Alfresco packaging for Fedora


Alfresco is one of the applications I’ve heard regular chatter around, “It would be great if it were packaged for Fedora.” In fact, the breakdown of JARs and some of the dependencies for Alfresco was one of the starting actions of the Fedora ISV special interest group. Do you have any interest in seeing Alfresco […]