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Monthly Archives: November 2009

How to install Moblin on Fedora 12


Moblin is a feature of Fedora 12 as an easy to install desktop environment. The below how-to information is copied directly from, and is used here thanks to the CC BY SA 3.0 Unported it is licensed under: Moblin is a lightweight Linux desktop environment especially suited for small form computers (netbooks et al). […]

Building a business around sustainable open source engineering


A Twitter discussion thread (a) (b, c, d) made me want to i) lay out a definition for sustainable open source engineering, ii) provide some examples you may not have thought of, and iii) find out who else is doing a good job at it (or trying to, at the very least!) Sustainable open source […]

How to become a docs contributor – video


This Wednesday I was helping Mel with the POSSE class in Singapore.  Basically, I covered what open source content in Fedora does (technical docs, process docs, community self-knowledge docs), the common tools and styles we try to propagate, and then walked the class through how to contribute to the release notes.  The exercise was focused […]

Updated technique for seeing git and directory status in bash prompt


Just working with a git directory and noticed that whatever trick I was using to get the current git branch visible from my $PS1 variable in bash … stopped working.  In discussing if a man page for git(1) was incorrect on #fedora-devel, tmz pointed out to me why it worked that way (short version: refer […]

Calling out superrockstars considered harmful


Just a quick response to “Top Open Source technical writers on the Web”. First, I’m sure the intention was well-meant.  Thanks for trying to uplift open source technical writers. Second, I put in a comment response on the blog entry, which was more self-serving than helpful: Not sure what the metrics used are … but […]

Hey, marketeers, look over here!


The Fedora Marketing project is an intentionally open marketing effort.  It is getting some stride in showing how a volunteer contributor community can do marketing amongst the most popular Linux distribution family (Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and friendly rebuilds).  Fedora Marketing is finding a way to work with, instead of against or in ignorance […]

Summer coding benefits to Fedora Project and


Time for a five year report. I did some research, analysis, and reporting recently about the Fedora Project and (later) participation in Google’s Summer of Code project.  I’ve done various parts in our GSoC effort since 2006, the second year we participated, and the last two summers I’ve been focusing on strategic work for […]

Not actually ‘Hey, marketeers, look over here!’, but a link below goes there …


Oops, a republishing of the original article to give it the proper date broke the permalink.  Here is the real article:

Five reasons I love working at Red Hat


I picked five because then I wouldn’t be at this all day, but it’s clearly a lot more than that.  And I’m sure I know people have “reasons they hate”,  and they are welcome to go somewhere they love more than they hate, I’m sure, yes. These are the sort of things I find myself […]