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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Nurses most trusted profession in the US


A recent Gallup poll found that nurses remain the most trusted profession in their annual U.S. poll at 83% (“High/Very high” trust).  Closest behind the nurses are pharmacists/druggists at 66%, just a point above medical doctors at 65%. Why am I reporting this?  The Gallup headline for their own results is, “U.S. Clergy, Bankers See […]

Tip – Expose your task list to get help the open source way


We take it as very important to expose your task list, undone and unassigned and everything.  That is, if your goal is to do things the open source way, which you can do regardless of what domain you are in.  Marketing?  Yep. Documentation?  Yep. An example I saw today is in this bug report, where […]

How can we share some love about Red Hat with Wikipedia?


Wow, I just saw the saddest thing.  It’s a section of the Wikipedia article about Red Hat, listing programs and projects that Red Hat does in the free software and open source communities.  This is ‘programs and projects’ in the sense of, “Build a road is a project, build a freeway system is a program.”  […]

Something old, something new – Fedora 12 video


Some old faces, some new faces talking about how the same-old, same-old building sustainable community in Fedora leads to new innovation and new fun stuff for people to play with in this video on Fedora 12. Another new thing here, I think this is the first time our entire Community Architecture team was in one […]

Looking for a soup-to-dessert hosting service


… the key being, I want to drink our own champagne, so it should run Fedora or RHEL as the hosted Linux.  And I want it to source, cook, serve, and clean-up the entire meal for me. The project is going to run a MediaWiki instance and git+gitweb, maybe with a few plugins, and that’s […]

My turn to miss the NA FUDCon


Perhaps I’ve missed one in the past, I don’t recall, but my t-shirt drawer says I’ve been to most of the FUDCons in North America since they started.  As it happens, I have to skip the one this coming weekend in Toronto.  I haven’t been to that fair city and I’d looked forward to meeting […]

STS-129 Ascent Video – WOW!


This launch and ascent video is phenomenal.  The editing makes a lot of it, but it’s the sheer quality and multiple angles of footage in the first place that make it a real adrenalin rush. Two words: “booster cam”.  ‘Nuff said. STS-129 Ascent Video Highlights on Vimeo:

Fedora Board townhall results – 20091202


V O T E Today (02 Dec 2009) I moderated the townhall on IRC for the Fedora Board candidates.  Full details are available on the Fedora elections page. The meeting log is available, and here is the list of questions we went over. A few follow-up questions were chimed in the stream of discussion, so […]