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Monthly Archives: March 2010

A better way to use Wikipedia in the classroom


This is an idea I’ve said in presentations and in person over and over again, about time I give it a home. Where Wikipedia is a useful information source and starting place for deeper exploration beyond it’s reference-focused world, there is so much more that can be done with it to help teach the open […]

Observe the operating room – wiki2xml sprint for FOSS textbook


There is a work sprint you might be interested in observing or participating in if you … Use MediaWiki for writing long works and want to see how it is to convert to DocBook XML. Want to know more about using DocBook XML and the Publican publishing toolchain. Enjoy watching people edit XML like mad. […]

Diversity check


Please remove your house colors for a moment and let go of your pre-judgement about the word diversity. A diversity check is the moment when you look something over you have done, such as a presentation/talk, documentation, writing a blog post or an email, where you must think, “Did I just write this for people […]

Confused aka not entirely an Ada Lovelace Day tribute but thanks anyway Lana


As soon as I decided to write an Ada Lovelace Day tribute to a woman in computing, I almost immediately stumbled across Lana Brindley’s post on computer engineer Barbie.  It was a nice serendipity.  This week Lana’s posts on technical writing were both inspiring and directly helpful in terms of supplying content to a textbook […]

Fedora Summer Coding continues


Fedora Project and were not accepted by Google as an umbrella mentoring organization for their Summer of Code this year.  We’ve been involved since the beginning with many successes. This year we decided to embrace the umbrella organization that Google stitched together from separate and Fedora Project applications a few years ago and […]

Video and notes for Art of Invention 2010-03-16 – History of Electronics


This post is a home for my notes and video links for a class I am co-teaching/assisting with today at AFE in Santa Cruz.  The class is Art of Invention for kids in the age range of 8 to 11 (3rd to 5th grade), and last week was the first part of the electronics section.  […]

Thinking on geeking


There was an article in the San Jose Mercury News about my daughters and their friend.  My eldest’s reactions to the article included specifying that it was her friend who self-identified as a geek and was OK with that ID.  My daughter doesn’t self-identify that way, and her reaction got me thinking. As with other […]

Summer coding FAD


On the Friday of SCALE 8x we had a Fedora Activity Day (FAD) focused on getting ready for Google Summer of Code 2010.  As usual, we had people drop by to see what was going on, since “activity day” is an unclear bit of clubspeak.  (By clubspeak, I mean the language we use as insiders […]