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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Attending Fedora 13 release party in Walnut Creek

29-May-10 If you are going, see you there. Tomorrow morning I’ll get some goodies from Larry Cafiero up in Felton, and our media selection is going to be hand burned DVDs and CDs.  Doubt we have any labels, so a Fedora sticker and a permanent ink pen it is … I’ll bring a few ISOs […]

Great stuff at Open Your World Forum, plus me


This Thursday, 27 May, I am going to be closing out a day of awesome talks in an online seminar called Open Your World Forum.  This is a production from, and if the quality of the line-up this time is any indication, the producers have some great talent at drawing together a wide range […]

Open Source Bridge and the evolution of the Catalyst in Communities talk


Working on the next evolution of my talk “Being a Catalyst in Communities – The science behind the open source way” for Open Source Bridge next week in Portland.  It was originally given as a SCALE 8X keynote, and it’s mostly me representing Red Hat.  I’m busy reworking the slides based on feedback I got […]

Death to the postmortem, long live …


Every release cycle in Fedora I see folks use the term postmortem to refer to discussions after the release that focus on analysing what happened during the release, with a focus on fixing mistakes and repeating successes.  This is a neologism borrowed from domains such as business. Humans are wordy people, and the effects of […]

Applause for “How to ask FOSS developers for features” post


In the vein of other great “how to help in FOSS projects” emails, presentations, and so forth, the Fedora developer list saw another one from Richard ‘hughsie’ Hughes, titled “Sending a sensible email“.  It begins: There appears to be a trend on this list where a random user just posts an inflammatory email with “ACME […]

POSSE Cali schedule updated – now 06 to 10 July


Although a bit late in the game, we decided to move our POSSE forward by a day.  This is to keep us from running against the July 4th weekend. We cooked up a poster and information packet you can read, use, and pass around.  It’s mainly about getting people to the main POSSE Cali page, […]

I’m not so hot at fundraising, how about you?


This summer I’ve been trying to find other sponsors for the Fedora Summer Coding program.  Timing was short from the start, but it was worth the effort. I’m not having much success, and I think that’s as much about my weakness in this area as a lack of interest or budget.  I should get out […]

Six slides about The Open Source Way


After a colleague asked me for a few slides about the handbook The Open Source Way: Creating and nurturing communities of contributors, I realized I needed to put together a shorter presentation (with notes!) that could be reused.  As it so happens, I also need some slides for an upcoming online seminar, Open Your World […]