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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Sadly skipping SCALE 9x, too


Similar to how things worked out for me and FUDCon this year, I have to cancel attending SCALE 9x this year. I had a talk to give, “Decentralized Collaboration with Open Source Tools: Technical and Cultural Implementation“, which thankfully Robyn Bergeron is giving on Sunday, and I’m sure it will be at least three times […]

Banner mistake for The Open Source Way website


One of the goals of writing a community how-to book was to write it by a community using the methods described in the book. This includes using 100% free and open source software to create and maintain the book, do the work of the community, and run the web presences. Of course, the source for […]

Fedora Students Contributing – Live or let die?


Fedora Students Contributing is about to get ignored to death. And maybe it should be, or at least put in to suspended animation. Let me explain why I think this might be the right option, if the program doesn’t get what it needs. So what does the program need? More sponsors who provide budget and […]