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Show ’em how participation is done with a talk at the Red Hat Summit or JBoss World; deadline extended to 16 March


My favorite thing to hear from the mouth of Red Hat’s CEO Jim Whitehurst is (to paraphrase), “Red Hat is here to help customers becomes contributors to the projects that matter to them.” In that vein, I’ve made a few submissions of a talk/keynote, “Participate or Die“, including one to this year’s Red Hat Summit […]

Failure as the secret of success


People get mad at the Fedora Project all the time because something important to them fails to work.  “It used to work, it worked for a long time, and now it’s broken!”  They look at an idea that we tried out, failed, and learned from, and don’t understand how we could let that get in […]

Fedora brand, Red Hat business model, and CentOS love – oh my!


In his great answer the secret to Red Hat’s success, Donald Rosenberg really, really, really understands the balance of Red Hat, Fedora, and CentOS. (digg that article if you dug it.) What made me bounce in my seat was this insight: … Red Hat … did not abandon the little people. Instead, they found their […]