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Category Archives: FLOSS

Community handbook – The Open Source Way


Introducing a community book written by a community. (read and participate) (HTML, HTML single page, PDF) This is a handbook for creating and nurturing communities of contributors.  It was originally thought of as a cookbook to provide recipes for enacting community the open source way.  It is released under the Creative Commons BY […]



This week saw kicked out of the nest and told to fly.  I’ve been watching some of the discussion around it and have some comments about a bit of confusion some folks are having.   Please pass this along. What I see here is a new type of discussion … … one where our experiences […]

Contributor CV and recommendations


Listening to a call about the cool stuff our Community Architecture team is doing with education (such as POSSE and, I had an idea.  Is it a simple idea?  Yes.  An elegant idea?  So far. It’s an opt-in system to track an individual’s contributions and recommendations from others within the Fedora Project community.  […]

Building a business around sustainable open source engineering


A Twitter discussion thread (a) (b, c, d) made me want to i) lay out a definition for sustainable open source engineering, ii) provide some examples you may not have thought of, and iii) find out who else is doing a good job at it (or trying to, at the very least!) Sustainable open source […]

Calling out superrockstars considered harmful


Just a quick response to “Top Open Source technical writers on the Web”. First, I’m sure the intention was well-meant.  Thanks for trying to uplift open source technical writers. Second, I put in a comment response on the blog entry, which was more self-serving than helpful: Not sure what the metrics used are … but […]

Shelf space – you can’t make it up as you go


Today I had an exchange via Twitter with my friend Sean, who reminded me about a point we’ve previously discussed face-to-face, “… #opensource #FAIL meter too Linux-centric – doesn’t apply to Java, Web or Ajax …”  My point back was, “… It applies if you want to deploy on #Linux … don’t #h8 your […]

OpenSource World as predicted


I was a bit melancholy last week when OpenSourceWorld was happening in San Francisco.  I have barely missed this event since I had my mind cracked open in 2001.  But I stood firmly by my boycott of the event.  If they were going to act ashamed of and stupid about the open source projects and […]

Truly free homeschool software


Recently I’ve been seeing articles about homeschoolers using free software: Free homeschool software: Probably the best conjunction of words that a homeschooling parent has heard since they found out that their child is going to summer camp. Why shouldn’t it be? Getting more for less is as American as homeschooling itself. I’ve commented on several […]

Who owns your file system and what you put on it?


This was the central question I reckon I carried away after talking with folks from Nexenta.  They have an open source core,, that uses an OpenSolaris kernel with ZFS and a rebuilt Debian non-GUI userspace.  The combination provides network attached storage (NAS) with lots of potential as an open solution. What resonated most with […]

I want an ‘rpm2all’ tool


The open source software companies (ISVs) that I’ve been talking with about Fedora have a common problem.  Ironically they, as usual, are resolving this problem individually.  Making an RPM that relies upon system packages is not seen as desirable, as it reduces their portability and focuses (in their minds) on one delivery platform — RPM-based […]