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Cranking up to SCALE 8x

This is going to be one wickedly fantastic Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) 8x.

Our Fedora presence is growing, both in depth of roots in the area and the scope of what we are trying to do.  A local Fedora Ambassador is organizing the Fedora Project expo presence.  There are a few stalwart Fedora community members flying in from afar, and Larry, the kids, and I are making the full pilgrimage via wifi-and-XO-laptop-sporting minivan.

In addition to contributing to the Fedora effort, I’m going to be representing Red Hat in talking about “Being a catalyst in communities – the scientific facts about the open source way“.  I’m really excited because the SCALE organizers have asked me to present that as the Saturday morning keynote.  Yeah, you heard that right – first keynote for little ol’ me.  Instead of flying in a rock star from remote, a local boy is going to represent.

Where last SCALE 7x was the first time we ran the revamped Fedora Activity Day (FAD) program, the FAD model has been richly tested and proven over the last year.  A FAD is a focused work effort by Fedora contributors, usually around one or two topics.  This year we are going to run our second SCALE-based FAD on Friday.  We’re still looking for a topic, so if you are thinking of coming there is still time to influence the planning and preparation.

On the Friday before the expo weekend are a host of other SCALE mini-events, including the Women in Open Source (WiOS) summit.  Our daughters, who did a lot of hard work as self-described Fedora Mascots last year, are presenting “Ultimate Randomness – Girl voices in open source” at WiOS at 10 am.  They are going to talk about how they use and contribute to open source, then take questions from/have a discussion with the audience.

I also see other talks from the ecosystem around Fedora and Red Hat, including Richard Fontana on “Improving the Open Source Legal System”.

See you there, especially Saturday morning right after registration. 🙂

The four Fedora Mascots and jds2001.

Fedora Mascots make the booth look even cooler.