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Fedora Summer Coding continues

Fedora Project and were not accepted by Google as an umbrella mentoring organization for their Summer of Code this year.  We’ve been involved since the beginning with many successes. This year we decided to embrace the umbrella organization that Google stitched together from separate and Fedora Project applications a few years ago and made a strong joint application.  My team at Red Hat has included our summer coding efforts along with very successful programs such as POSSE in our education work.

You may feel disappointed we didn’t get in, I am, but this is hardly the end of our efforts.  Read on to learn more.

  1. Fedora Summer Coding is already working with RIT and Olin, which gives our mentors some students to potentially work with.  For more information read here.
  2. Red Hat cares deeply about involving students in our free software/open source work. We are going to fund a pool of students who work on Fedora or related projects this summer.  Read here for more information.  (That section is under construction, we did not expect to fill this need this year, and I’ve asked Max Spevack to figure it out and we’ll let you all know soon.)
  3. If you are a student who was looking to do your Summer of Code project idea in Fedora or, we’d like to help you find the best place to apply instead.  It may be a different organization that is mentoring for Google Summer of Code, or it may be through Fedora Summer Coding.  Reach us through our communication channels.
  4. If you are a mentor and/or a sub-project who wants to work with students, even beyond code such as documentation or marketing, join the Summer Coding SIG mailing list.  That’s where we work out exactly what is going on and when.
  5. If you are interested in being a sponsoring organization or individual, read up on what we are doing with the summer coding model and how you might help.

If you care about any of this, be at the next Summer Coding SIG meeting on Wednesday 24 March at 1500 UTC in #fedora-meeting (you can use Freenode’s webchat interface.)  If you are a student, a mentor, a sub-project, or any project member, you are invited.  We are going to talk in more detail about our plans for this year, make some decisions, and get on with another great summer.

(Updated – I misunderstood the status with Olin.  For full information, keep track of the SIG page where we can more easily update than my blog.)