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EPEL round table at FOSDEM 2016

As a follow-up to last year’s literally-a-discussion-in-the-hallway about EPEL with a few dozen folks at FOSDEM 2015, we’re doing a round table discussion with some of the same people and similar topics this Sunday at FOSDEM, “Wither EPEL? Harvesting the next generation of software for the enterprise” in the distro devroom. As a treat, Stephen Smoogen will be moderating the panel; Smooge is not only a long-time Fedora and CentOS contributor, he is one of us who started EPEL a decade ago.

If you are an EPEL user (for whatever operating system), a packager, an upstream project member who wants to see your software in EPEL, a hardware enthusiast wanting to see builds for your favorite architecture, etc. … you are welcome to join us. We’ll have plenty of time for questions and issues from the audience.

The trick is that EPEL is useful or crucial for a number of the projects now releasing on top of CentOS via the special interest group process (SIGs provide their community newer software on the slow-and-steady CentOS Linux.) This means EPEL is essential for work happening inside of the CentOS Project, but it remains a third-party repository. Figuring out all of the details of working together across the Fedora and CentOS projects is important for both communities.

Hope to see you there!