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Off-Planet? A recap of recent posts …


Seems I managed to get dropped from the Fedora Planet for a short time, perhaps I didn’t change my password in time and got my account disabled? Because I’m the kind of neurotic writer who is sure no one is reading, and is terrified when he finds out it is totally true!, I figured a […]

Should we use the CC when it’s not truly freeing?


If you haven’t read the well-reasoned article on about not using the non-commercial (NC) clause of the CC license, please do. Recently I saw Benjamin Mako Hill give a talk about free culture, and he showed some graphics that are several years old about the proliferation of CC licenses, especially which types are used. […]

Looking for a tech writing class to help


Ready for some classic back scratchin’? (That’s where you scratch my back, and I scratch yours.) You are in charge of or part of a class in technical writing or documentation. We have an open project with tools, processes, and lots of great content to create and manage. In addition to using community-generated content to […]

How to fish for new contributors


One way … tell it like it is. Make it your mission. Be funny and poignant when you write about it: I just started reading Andrew Lee Rubinger’s blog, or maybe he just began blogging? Not sure, but he has a polished, funny, irreverent, and clean writing style. In particular, I appreciate his thematic […]

Best FWN headline


Just noticed this triple-recursive Linux-centric humor when catching up on my Fedora Weekly News: AVC:Denied {trolling} For PID=666 Comm={SELinuxRemove} Kudos to the development beat writer, Oisin Feeley, who is really on top of his game.  Huzzah!

Template for submitting a story to a publisher


I highly appreciated all the points raised within this self-referential template: In this digital world, we often forget why there are conventions for dead paper that are different than for computer screens.