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Category Archives: Marketing

Making magic with Zikula for Fedora Insight


Pay attention if you want to know more about Zikula, want to work with it, and can spend some time helping Fedora Infrastructure.  Especially if you can do design and know (enough) CSS. Today I sat with my project manager glasses participating in an IRC work session on Fedora Insight.  The session, much of which […]

Hey, marketeers, look over here!


The Fedora Marketing project is an intentionally open marketing effort.  It is getting some stride in showing how a volunteer contributor community can do marketing amongst the most popular Linux distribution family (Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and friendly rebuilds).  Fedora Marketing is finding a way to work with, instead of against or in ignorance […]

OpenSource World as predicted


I was a bit melancholy last week when OpenSourceWorld was happening in San Francisco.  I have barely missed this event since I had my mind cracked open in 2001.  But I stood firmly by my boycott of the event.  If they were going to act ashamed of and stupid about the open source projects and […]

OpenSource World? NOT!


With the rename to “OpenSource World (TM)”, the former LinuxWorld made it clear what many of us knew before then.  The show had seriously dropped in relevance, not only for business but also for the Linux communities.  Aren’t the open source projects the lifeblood for all of the commercial vendors present?  If so, why was […]

Intersections — “Open source lifestyle: classroom to career and beyond” from FOSSLC (was OSBootCamp)


In the Fedora Ambassador gig, at nearly every event there is an opportunity to get a view of the intersection of Fedora, open source, and the many backgrounds, experiences, and questions of other people at the event. Take last Fall’s OSBootCamp as an example.  This series of no-cost events was put on by an organization […]

ISV special interest group in Fedora


If you don’t know what an ISV is, then you aren’t part of one. Independent software vendors are everyone from Red Hat to small two-person coding boutiques. They are a group in the business world that has specific needs and problems, which may or may not match with the other needs we have in general […]

3 reasons to help at the LinuxWorld Fedora booth


If you are a Fedora friend, Ambassador, or hacker, there are many reasons to take a shift at the Fedora booth in the .Org Pavilion at LWCE SF 2008. Here are three of my favorites: North American Fedora Ambassadors are in the midst of a nice resurgence, this is a great time to show your […]

OSCON here we come


A bunch of us Fedorans are going to be at OSCON next week. The cool Fedora booth! Lots of open source ISVs to ask, “Why aren’t you in Fedora yet?” Free stuff! Hairy booth babes! A trip to the Oregon State University Open Source Labs!! Aside from the Fedora work, I’ll also be wearing my […]

Looking for Northwest Ambassadors for OSCON


Who is in the Pacific Northwest and might want to go to OSCON for Fedora? Existing Ambassadors, yes, but if you’ve been wanting to step-up as a Fedora contributor, this is a good opportunity to join. To be clear, I’m just asking as another Fedora Ambassador, not as anyone who has purse strings to open. […]

Where is the “Now available in Fedora” button for OpenJDK


Nice prominent advertisement for installing OpenJDK 6 in Ubuntu on the OpenJDK website. Where is the one for Fedora? Anyone have a contact at OpenJDK?  Seems like we could give them the equivalent set of installation instructions for the page, “How to download and install prebuilt OpenJDK packages.” I’d really appreciate that being updated somehow, […]