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All we love and cherish is of the nature to change and grow apart from us


There is no escaping this separation – the five remembrances of the Dharma Dear ones, Hello, and welcome to the end of my silence out here as I navigate how every aspect of my life has changed, including and especially my own wild heart. Now that I no longer work for Red Hat but rather […]

Five reasons I love working at Red Hat


I picked five because then I wouldn’t be at this all day, but it’s clearly a lot more than that.  And I’m sure I know people have “reasons they hate”,  and they are welcome to go somewhere they love more than they hate, I’m sure, yes. These are the sort of things I find myself […]

More uses for `fedora-business-cards`


Originally I was ambivalent about the full-bleed backside of the Fedora business card. I think of the backside of a business card as the secondary value, a space to write something useful for a recipient. I went so far as to get a small order of the cards with a blank backside just for that. […]

Fedora brand, Red Hat business model, and CentOS love – oh my!


In his great answer the secret to Red Hat’s success, Donald Rosenberg really, really, really understands the balance of Red Hat, Fedora, and CentOS. (digg that article if you dug it.) What made me bounce in my seat was this insight: … Red Hat … did not abandon the little people. Instead, they found their […]