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Category Archives: Irony

Irony of ability – how less helps you do more


Just wanted to highlight this interesting article, talking about an English professor at Oklahoma City University who has Lou Gehrig’s disease.  She teaches her class via video conference, and of necessity has learned a new approach of listening and letting students lead the discussion: Taught by a Terrible Disease This interested me for several reasons. […]

How to choose – a community difference moment


I’ve a little story I want to share with you. I’m telling it because it’s about the larger discussion of who you are and why you are drawn to one Linux distro over another.  Or one music style over another.  And so on.  It’s also about the differences between Fedora and Ubuntu, both in terms […]

People still write business articles like this?


This morning I was looking at the usual awesome performance of RHT stock and glanced at the business article under the headlines section.  Despite the article title being about another company, Red Hat must have been mentioned, so I gave it a look. In reading it, a number of inaccuracies and old school misconceptions leapt […]

Dead tree irony


A school district in Texas has US$4.6 million in textbooks sitting in warehouses and school backrooms. Why?  Because they must provide textbooks for all children according to the state constitution, and they do so in the classroom, but don’t give them out to take home because of damage and loss being charged to the school […]

Document Freedom Day and a taste of bittersweet irony


While I was enjoying my colleague Ruth’s video for Document Freedom Day, I was struck by the irony that to get her message out widely, she was forced to write to a non-free format (Flash). “From our frying pan we leaped … and landed in another frying pan.” Fedora is often in this situation where, […]