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Category Archives: Summer Coding

Update on CentOS GSoC 2015


Here’s an update on the CentOS Project Google Summer of Code for 2015 posted on the CentOS Seven blog: This might be of interest to the Fedora Project community, so I’m pushing my own reference here to appear on the Fedora Planet. Much of the work happening in the CentOS GSoC effort may be useful […]

GSoC at CentOS office hours


I love how KB started CentOS Project online office hours right after our joint announcement about the new relationship between Red Hat and CentOS. I don’t think this sort of thing was happening before, but it’s now a regular part of exposing the inter-workings of the new CentOS Governing Board. This Monday 10 February at 16:00 UTC […]

CentOS and GSoC


With the Google Summer of Code season upon us, I’ve decided to stick my nose right in to the situation and help run a GSoC for the CentOS Project. I was co-admin for Fedora for 6 GSoC sessions, a mentor for a few specific projects including the kick-off for Transifex, and ran the one-off Fedora […]

Fedora joins Google Code-In 2012


Google Code-In is the pre-college program for 13 to 17 year old students to earn prizes for completing tasks in various open source projects., This year will be the first year that the Fedora Project participates. We’re looking to build on many years success with Google Summer of Code, but the stakes here are higher. […]

Pondering why KDE, GNOME, ASF et al get so many GSoC projects


Back in the fall of 2009 I wrote a report that looked back on the Fedora Project’s five-years of involvement in Google Summer of Code (GSoC.) One glaring truth was that year-over-year we had not gotten any larger – eight students in 2005 to ten students in 2009. Similarly, our own Fedora Summer Coding had […]

Your project idea is missing! Fedora & Google Summer of Code


All year long people say to me, “This or that project will be perfect for Google Summer of Code.” Where are all those projects? Not on the Fedora ideas page. Folks, check this out – your idea doesn’t have to be complete, or even contain much more than a few sketchy use cases. Sometimes you […]

Fedora Students Contributing – Live or let die?


Fedora Students Contributing is about to get ignored to death. And maybe it should be, or at least put in to suspended animation. Let me explain why I think this might be the right option, if the program doesn’t get what it needs. So what does the program need? More sponsors who provide budget and […]

Time to start Fedora GSoC work


As I explained in a previous blog post, I am not going to participate in Fedora’s Google Summer of Code presence this coming year.  If Fedora is going to participate, some of you folks need to start organizing right away. In particular, Fedora’s GSoC team needs some people to work as program administrators, or “admins”.  […]

Summer of Code – time to do something, anything … but not by me


Folks: For this coming year, if Fedora chooses to participate in the Google Summer of Code (and I think we should), I have decided that I am not going to be involved. This is not complete abandonment.  In fact, this blog post is the first of potentially several that can be part of a package […]

It’s time to help organize the next session of Fedora Students Contributing aka Summer Coding


We haven’t formally picked a new name for Fedora Summer Coding, but we need to, and ‘Students Contributing’ has the advantages so far.  We’re not sticking to summer in one hemisphere and we’re already doing projects that are beyond code.  Students Contributing is descriptive of what we’re doing. This post is about the upcoming session […]