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Category Archives: Leadership

Why consensus-decision making is better for open source projects


Many of us use consensus-style decision making in our free/open source projects such as Apache’s lazy consensus model, but often we have a practice or even a governance of having things end up in a majority-wins voting process. In a majority-wins voting model, the dynamic is one where the dissenters are marginalized — the majority […]

Community building is down to Earth – a setiQuest Summit update


Spent the middle part of today in a working session, lead by IDEO facilitators, to tackle a few of the big questions in front of setiQuest and the Seti Institute. The two big questions were generally: How do we enable developers and designers to contribute back to setiQuest in a way that benefits all involved? […]

Pondering a solution for a K12 strategy, or Treating our community leadership team like a FOSS project


There’s no denying the simple fact.  Our team can’t and won’t have explosive growth. Part of the way to scale ourselves we have always done, which is to engage with other community leaders and leverage each other.  Recently I had a new idea that we could fill out our circle on education and open source […]

OSCON and CLS 2010 highlights


As usual, when I get back from a big conference and trip, my mind is full processing everything that happened, and my life is full recovering from the effects of the travel.  Instead of a full report right here and now, I’m going to give a quick highlight of the latter part of July 2010. […]

Improving the FLOSS legal landscape


At the close of SCALE 8x I caught a presentation by my colleague Richard Fontana, who was talking on Improving the Open Source Legal System.  Richard’s proposal is to consider FLOSS licensing and legal landscape as its own international legal system.  This is instead of how we do it now, which is to try mapping […]

Community Leadership Summit up on the westside


CLS West is happening this Saturday 9 January at DeVry University in Daly City.  I’ll be there all day, talking about catalyzing and community and stuff, then giving an Ignite talk at a closed-door event. This is a follow-up to the successful CLS that occurred before the last OSCON in San Jose.  The idea was […]

Nurses most trusted profession in the US


A recent Gallup poll found that nurses remain the most trusted profession in their annual U.S. poll at 83% (“High/Very high” trust).  Closest behind the nurses are pharmacists/druggists at 66%, just a point above medical doctors at 65%. Why am I reporting this?  The Gallup headline for their own results is, “U.S. Clergy, Bankers See […]

Fedora Board townhall results – 20091202


V O T E Today (02 Dec 2009) I moderated the townhall on IRC for the Fedora Board candidates.  Full details are available on the Fedora elections page. The meeting log is available, and here is the list of questions we went over. A few follow-up questions were chimed in the stream of discussion, so […]

Five reasons I love working at Red Hat


I picked five because then I wouldn’t be at this all day, but it’s clearly a lot more than that.  And I’m sure I know people have “reasons they hate”,  and they are welcome to go somewhere they love more than they hate, I’m sure, yes. These are the sort of things I find myself […]

A swing, a miss, and a homerun – CLS day one


A whole first day and whole event full of observations, rich moments, and lots and lots and lots of value.  What else can you expect when you get together 200+ self-identified community organizer types?  People are active, engaged, energetic, enthusiastic, approachable and approaching, and fully responsible.  During the event, and now following, I did my […]