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Category Archives: Art of Living

Return of Fairytale Fridays and Sauerkraut Classes


This summer we have restarted the salon-style events here at Fairytale Farm – Fairytale Fridays. We’re also offering an array of classes every Saturday morning. Every Friday we’re holding a community-space event, free to attend. We’re drawing in musicians to play for us, giving garden tours peppered with urban farm wisdom, something artsy/craftsy and fun […]

June, what June?


I just noticed that the entire month of June passed, and I’ve been hidden away from the world – off work, off writing, off any community activities – caring for my wife while she goes through some tough times. She’s not out of the woods entirely yet, but clear fields are in sight and I’ve […]

Onion marmalade recipe first draft


I decided to make-up an onion marmalade recipe without doing any research.  Knowing the final result would still have an onion-y flavor, I figured on complementing it with other flavors that would let it be a sweet+savory topping for a nice hearty bread, quickbread, scrambled eggs, biscuit, steamed vegetables, even a plain grain such as […]

Diversity check


Please remove your house colors for a moment and let go of your pre-judgement about the word diversity. A diversity check is the moment when you look something over you have done, such as a presentation/talk, documentation, writing a blog post or an email, where you must think, “Did I just write this for people […]

Contributor CV and recommendations


Listening to a call about the cool stuff our Community Architecture team is doing with education (such as POSSE and, I had an idea.  Is it a simple idea?  Yes.  An elegant idea?  So far. It’s an opt-in system to track an individual’s contributions and recommendations from others within the Fedora Project community.  […]

Irony of ability – how less helps you do more


Just wanted to highlight this interesting article, talking about an English professor at Oklahoma City University who has Lou Gehrig’s disease.  She teaches her class via video conference, and of necessity has learned a new approach of listening and letting students lead the discussion: Taught by a Terrible Disease This interested me for several reasons. […]

Polarity of child raising


It seems to me there are two fundamental world views that drive parenting.  Depending on which you subscribe to, it says how you are going to make many choices from there. Your goal is to prepare your child for a rich and abundant life in the real world. Your goal is to let your individual […]

Leading from the comfort of my armchair


One of my favorite things about writing this blog is that I get to talk about me.  See, it’s right there in the name: “i, quaid.”  If you don’t figure it’s all about me, you are just not paying attention. This week we went through the pleasurable experience of anointing the awesome Eric ‘Sparks’ Christensen […]

Miniature dinosaurs in my garden


Working today on solving a long-standing SSL problem with, here in the garden is where I came to escape the Harry Potter + Lego fest in the living room. Five of the buff orpington hens are on their first outing ranging around our garden. This side of the property is a bit weedier than […]

Chicken excitement


We’re getting ready to finally get chickens for the first time. Our neighbor, who we’re sharing the flock with, has done it before. Micah has been a great help in motivating, as well as working with me to get the henhouse in order and figure out the semi-permanent coop and ongoing daily living situation. Reading […]