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New community manager position on my team


You may have heard that the Community Architecture & Leadership team recently graduated another founding member, this time Max Spevack, who went to work at Amazon. Right now we are looking for someone who can take over significant focus on Fedora, as well as provide skills in community consulting and strategy for other Red Hat […]

Developer evangelist role at Red Hat


Here’s an interesting job: Partner Technical Evangelist Red Hat has large cachet with upstream, open source developers, and our relationship with mainstream, corporate developers is fair but scattered. Strong in the Java area, nice developer studio, but what’s the cohesive story? How do we interact as a whole with software vendor (ISV) partners and developers […]

What would you think if I started an internal-to-Red Hat Fedora users list?


So I had an idea this week, partially in response to one of our stellar global support staff members saying that he wishes there was a person or place to send internal people needing user help with Fedora. The kind of help they would get from the external Fedora users mailing list, the kind of […]

Building a business around sustainable open source engineering


A Twitter discussion thread (a) (b, c, d) made me want to i) lay out a definition for sustainable open source engineering, ii) provide some examples you may not have thought of, and iii) find out who else is doing a good job at it (or trying to, at the very least!) Sustainable open source […]

Alfresco packaging for Fedora


Alfresco is one of the applications I’ve heard regular chatter around, “It would be great if it were packaged for Fedora.” In fact, the breakdown of JARs and some of the dependencies for Alfresco was one of the starting actions of the Fedora ISV special interest group. Do you have any interest in seeing Alfresco […]

Who owns your file system and what you put on it?


This was the central question I reckon I carried away after talking with folks from Nexenta.  They have an open source core,, that uses an OpenSolaris kernel with ZFS and a rebuilt Debian non-GUI userspace.  The combination provides network attached storage (NAS) with lots of potential as an open solution. What resonated most with […]

I want an ‘rpm2all’ tool


The open source software companies (ISVs) that I’ve been talking with about Fedora have a common problem.  Ironically they, as usual, are resolving this problem individually.  Making an RPM that relies upon system packages is not seen as desirable, as it reduces their portability and focuses (in their minds) on one delivery platform — RPM-based […]

People still write business articles like this?


This morning I was looking at the usual awesome performance of RHT stock and glanced at the business article under the headlines section.  Despite the article title being about another company, Red Hat must have been mentioned, so I gave it a look. In reading it, a number of inaccuracies and old school misconceptions leapt […]

Presenting ‘Participate or Die’ at CommunityOne Monday 01 June


If you, your friends, colleagues, business associates, or just about anyone who needs … Support for how and why to invest resources in open source A cluebat about why your organization should participate in upstream projects … then send them to Esplanade 302 for my 11:50 am session this Monday 01 June, the first day […]

New face in meaningful Linux shows, and a reportlet on OpenPrinting


(Back from nose to the grindstone, Spring at home is busy and end-of-quarter targets I’ve been working on for Red Hat are nearing completion. Appears that blogging and tracking email lists has fallen a bit to the wayside.) From Wednesday 08 April to Friday 10 April, I was in fabulous and mildly-rainy San Francisco to […]