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Category Archives: Sustainable Living

Return of Fairytale Fridays and Sauerkraut Classes


This summer we have restarted the salon-style events here at Fairytale Farm – Fairytale Fridays. We’re also offering an array of classes every Saturday morning. Every Friday we’re holding a community-space event, free to attend. We’re drawing in musicians to play for us, giving garden tours peppered with urban farm wisdom, something artsy/craftsy and fun […]

Urban farm fall slide


Yeah, we’re a bit busy around here and all of my writing juice has been dry of late.  Part of this has been doing a serious effort with homeschooling for the girls this year.  They did a sample of regular day school at the start of September, decided with us that the family is happier […]

Interesting open systems problem


(This article arose from my sitting on an open source round table on Monday 08 June in Santa Clara, CA at ConnectivityWeek 2009.  My slides with full speaker notes are available.) For those who’ve never heard of building automation systems (BAS) and the smart grid, you have my pardon to take a few minutes to […]

Chickens + feed = eggs


Just an anniversary note, we found the first eggs from our chickens on Sunday 21 September. Just in time to celebrate the equinox.  They are right on (one of the) schedules. So far, it is the Aruacanas who are laying the most, with multiple large, green shelled eggs. When everyone slows down from feasting on […]

Girls love chicks


My daughters have been mainly happy with the chicks, and not happy with the new chores, but we had a minor epiphany last weekend. Around a dozen girls were here, ages 2 to 11, for Saskia’s 7th birthday party.  All of them are currently or were in the same homeschooling program. Somewhere in there the […]

Chicks and chicks – the livestock report


As per my earlier Twitter: We found the last place w baby chicks of and 4 girls are on the go. Mo Blog Later. … which was written on the go, while I was on a last house errand after we strapped my two-year-old neighbor in the back with my six-year-old and her eight-year-old friend.  […]

Random acts of self-sustainability


Without meaning to, I’ve made this blog mostly devoid of thoughts and happenings here on our happy urban farm. Time to stop that. Last September we closed a deal to be tenants-in-common on the property next door, with the part under our control approximately 2350 square feet/218 square meters of raw backyard to garden. Since […]