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Category Archives: Telecommuting

Irony of ability – how less helps you do more


Just wanted to highlight this interesting article, talking about an English professor at Oklahoma City University who has Lou Gehrig’s disease.  She teaches her class via video conference, and of necessity has learned a new approach of listening and letting students lead the discussion: Taught by a Terrible Disease This interested me for several reasons. […]

Formula for making distance work


Because I have to miss the North American Fedora Ambassadors Day, I’m thinking (as usual!) about the challenges of remotely working with people. Once again, here is a stellar opportunity to figure out how to include the non-there-in-person parts of the community. Especially around planning and decision sessions, which are different from the what a […]

Mental breaks while working at home


Over the years I’ve tried not to make a big deal out of being a remote employee, or remotee in Red Hat lingo. I’m a big proponent of distance work, and am now fairly experienced with the last seven years as a 100% telecommuter and distributed team member. But … the topic is a risky […]