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Category Archives: Responsibility

Call for help: I need you, the Open Source Way needs you


Thank you for reading this, I appreciate your attention and will only take a few minutes of it. In short, issues in my personal life are making it hard for me to pay attention to the Open Source Way project in the ways it needs, such as creating a community governance, shepherding the guidebook’s 2.1 […]

Social support not private patrols


If you are concerned about how the City of Santa Cruz has stretched in to hiring private security teams to patrol public open spaces, email the City Council by tonight or show up at the Tuesday 26 February meeting. The Council is going to vote on actually legalizing their own practice, and extending it to […]

Banner mistake for The Open Source Way website


One of the goals of writing a community how-to book was to write it by a community using the methods described in the book. This includes using 100% free and open source software to create and maintain the book, do the work of the community, and run the web presences. Of course, the source for […]

Sad mad Dad feels bad and what else is new?


Feeling 3x worse than before I hammered on the kids. Build up and relief of anger rarely feels good. I KNOW the girls can see the build up, as I move, sometimes over the course of _days_ from reasonable, nice, conciliatory, consensus seeking to upset, sad, frustrated, and vocally angry.  Temper still as short as […]

OSCON and CLS 2010 highlights


As usual, when I get back from a big conference and trip, my mind is full processing everything that happened, and my life is full recovering from the effects of the travel.  Instead of a full report right here and now, I’m going to give a quick highlight of the latter part of July 2010. […]

Man fix dryer, ugh


When something breaks at my house, everyone turns to look at me. Not to accuse me of breaking it, although often enough … but in expectation that I’ll fix it.  Computer to clothes dryer, apparently, I have the tools and skills. Of course, I really don’t.  What I have in the family is the most […]

Five reasons I love working at Red Hat


I picked five because then I wouldn’t be at this all day, but it’s clearly a lot more than that.  And I’m sure I know people have “reasons they hate”,  and they are welcome to go somewhere they love more than they hate, I’m sure, yes. These are the sort of things I find myself […]

Interesting open systems problem


(This article arose from my sitting on an open source round table on Monday 08 June in Santa Clara, CA at ConnectivityWeek 2009.  My slides with full speaker notes are available.) For those who’ve never heard of building automation systems (BAS) and the smart grid, you have my pardon to take a few minutes to […]

Power from the people, power for the people


The evolution of Fedora as an entity of freedom has been an interesting experience.  For example, participation in the project wasn’t always as freely available as it is now.  Before Core merged with Extras in Fedora 7, the only way to contribute to the central part of the distro was via an employee of Red […]

Leading from the comfort of my armchair


One of my favorite things about writing this blog is that I get to talk about me.  See, it’s right there in the name: “i, quaid.”  If you don’t figure it’s all about me, you are just not paying attention. This week we went through the pleasurable experience of anointing the awesome Eric ‘Sparks’ Christensen […]