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More on Publican


When writing about the Practical Open Source Software Exploration textbook release, I had a bunch of extra thoughts about Publican that I wanted to separate out to its own post. My sense is that Publican is in good shape for groups to adopt and extend.1  For example, there was a recent discussion in a MeeGo […]

A better way to use Wikipedia in the classroom


This is an idea I’ve said in presentations and in person over and over again, about time I give it a home. Where Wikipedia is a useful information source and starting place for deeper exploration beyond it’s reference-focused world, there is so much more that can be done with it to help teach the open […]

Blowing open the doors to contributions


A few key pieces just fell in place and now we can easily open The Open Source Way for contributions. All the legal bits passed muster, and the new contribution policy explains the rules.  It’s simple enough – by contributing, you agree to put your contributions under the CC BY SA 3.0 Unported.  Read the […]

Config tweaks on


Thanks to folks for finding and pointing out the configuration problems on  I’ve still got a BIND configuration to work out, I’ll be haunting #rhel this weekend looking for help. 🙂 To get permissions to edit the wiki, I have put a human in the way (currently just me).  I’m working on getting up […]

How can we share some love about Red Hat with Wikipedia?


Wow, I just saw the saddest thing.  It’s a section of the Wikipedia article about Red Hat, listing programs and projects that Red Hat does in the free software and open source communities.  This is ‘programs and projects’ in the sense of, “Build a road is a project, build a freeway system is a program.”  […]

Why relicense Fedora documentation and wiki content


It is once again my happy duty to help shepherd Fedora content to a better licensing position (as I did three years ago.)  We previously moved Fedora documentation from the GNU FDL to the OPL, moving the wiki content to the OPL at the same time.  This current relicensing is very important for the Fedora […]

Wiki migration success shows in the stats


When I was studying some of the Fedora statistics recently I wanted to see them graphed out.  The raw numbers weren’t speaking thoroughly to me, and when I started pushing them in to various types of charts, some interesting details revealed themselves.  In particular, the one around edits to the Fedora wiki. The graphic shows […]

Handheld to campus-wide – the OSWALD at OSU


Wow.  It’s not just that the student-designed and -built OSWALD devices are innovative and cool (they are, and I saw the on-campus sweatshop to prove the student-built part.)  The brilliance is the way the OSWALD is the linchpin in an OSU strategy that reinvents computer science teaching, while making room for disciplines outside of CS […]

A bit FADdish — Docs wiki pages reorganization


This weekend while I was at SCaLE 7x for Fedora, stumbling but progressing on the Fedora 10 User Guide at the Fedora Activity Day (FAD), virtual-FAD work was occurring in #fedora-docs.  The team was busy getting at least the same amount of effort done on cleaning, organizing, and fixing the Docs wiki presence. We intend […]

QA wiki renewal sounds great, just a few suggestions …


Adam Williamson made a blog post about Revising the QA Wiki Space and I have a few requests for them.  (I tried to leave a comment on his blog, but comments are only for registered users, and registering never got me a password, so I’m doing this here.  So I guess my first request is […]