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Microphone check, one two, one two


Well, hello there. It’s clearly been a long time since I’ve blogged here. If you want to know why, I’ll tell you, extensively, about the intervening time … but over on my new personal long-form writing site at It’s not ready yet, I’ll let you know when it is via an blog post […]

Homemade barbecue sauce


  I asked my wife if she wanted a classic red tomato sweet-tangy sauce for barbecue, and of course the answer was yes. Sure, a Hoisin sauce-style would go well, too, but some things just scream “BBQ SAUCE!” Rather than having a secret family recipe, I prefer to create one from scratch each time and […]

Blog back from cracked


This blog was offline for a few weeks, as well as some other websites of mine, after they all go infected with a PHP hack that inserted into each file code that was disguised in base64. It most likely vectored-in via an unpatched exploit in one of the sites. It all started somewhat small with […]

June, what June?


I just noticed that the entire month of June passed, and I’ve been hidden away from the world – off work, off writing, off any community activities – caring for my wife while she goes through some tough times. She’s not out of the woods entirely yet, but clear fields are in sight and I’ve […]

Sadly skipping SCALE 9x, too


Similar to how things worked out for me and FUDCon this year, I have to cancel attending SCALE 9x this year. I had a talk to give, “Decentralized Collaboration with Open Source Tools: Technical and Cultural Implementation“, which thankfully Robyn Bergeron is giving on Sunday, and I’m sure it will be at least three times […]

FUDCon from far afield


While it’s great to see all the enthusiasm and noise from FUDCon, I am sadly observing it all from a far distance … along with 99.9% of the rest of the Fedora Project. I had to cancel my plans to be there in Tempe, AZ this weekend, as well as an earlier this week in-person […]

Sad mad Dad feels bad and what else is new?


Feeling 3x worse than before I hammered on the kids. Build up and relief of anger rarely feels good. I KNOW the girls can see the build up, as I move, sometimes over the course of _days_ from reasonable, nice, conciliatory, consensus seeking to upset, sad, frustrated, and vocally angry.  Temper still as short as […]

Happy birthday Ray


Author Ray Bradbury turns 90 years old on 22 August 2010.  The Planetary Society is presenting him with a huge birthday card with good wishes from people such as you and I.  You can post your birthday greeting for him until 9 August. The greetings are limited to 250 characters, and I took advantage […]

Video and notes for Art of Invention 2010-03-16 – History of Electronics


This post is a home for my notes and video links for a class I am co-teaching/assisting with today at AFE in Santa Cruz.  The class is Art of Invention for kids in the age range of 8 to 11 (3rd to 5th grade), and last week was the first part of the electronics section.  […]

Mental breaks while working at home


Over the years I’ve tried not to make a big deal out of being a remote employee, or remotee in Red Hat lingo. I’m a big proponent of distance work, and am now fairly experienced with the last seven years as a 100% telecommuter and distributed team member. But … the topic is a risky […]