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Category Archives: Linux planet using OpenShift


After Jason Brooks made an OpenShift quickstart for Venus, the blog feed aggregator known as a planet, I knew it was time to finally get off the ground. I registered this domain years ago as a community project identity for getting free expo passes to LinuxWorld. It was just an idea for a domain […]

Report and presentation materials for “oVirt – Infrastructure and management platform for the datacenter”


This presentation was the first run of a consolidated slide show about the oVirt project. (ODP, PDF) Wow, it was a lot of dense content to cover, with a range of topics. What is KVM, what is OVA (Open Virtualization Alliance), how KVM works in general, why it’s superior and desirable in the enterprise, history […]

What would you think if I started an internal-to-Red Hat Fedora users list?


So I had an idea this week, partially in response to one of our stellar global support staff members saying that he wishes there was a person or place to send internal people needing user help with Fedora. The kind of help they would get from the external Fedora users mailing list, the kind of […]

Lindependence Hour starting up in Santa Cruz


Larry and Drew got talking on #lindependence about the idea of holding a regular hour-long Linux event at a local coffee shop, and they pulled me in to the idea.  The event is styled on the Ubuntu Hour concept.  In discussing it, Larry really wanted to emphasize a distro-agnostic viewpoint.  I like Larry’s approach.  First, […]

Dear Tech Republic, it’s called FOSS and that’s just how it’s done


Jason Hiner, Editor-in-Chief over at Tech Republic, wrote an article where he describes what Canonical and Ubuntu can teach Microsoft, Apple, and others.  Ironically, every virtue he praises Ubuntu for are all virtues they gain from practicing the open source way. Here’s his list of what is “the secret of success for Canonical”: “Methodically produce […]

Cranking up to SCALE 8x


This is going to be one wickedly fantastic Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) 8x. Our Fedora presence is growing, both in depth of roots in the area and the scope of what we are trying to do.  A local Fedora Ambassador is organizing the Fedora Project expo presence.  There are a few stalwart Fedora community […]

Looking for a soup-to-dessert hosting service


… the key being, I want to drink our own champagne, so it should run Fedora or RHEL as the hosted Linux.  And I want it to source, cook, serve, and clean-up the entire meal for me. The project is going to run a MediaWiki instance and git+gitweb, maybe with a few plugins, and that’s […]

How to install Moblin on Fedora 12


Moblin is a feature of Fedora 12 as an easy to install desktop environment. The below how-to information is copied directly from, and is used here thanks to the CC BY SA 3.0 Unported it is licensed under: Moblin is a lightweight Linux desktop environment especially suited for small form computers (netbooks et al). […]

Updated technique for seeing git and directory status in bash prompt


Just working with a git directory and noticed that whatever trick I was using to get the current git branch visible from my $PS1 variable in bash … stopped working.  In discussing if a man page for git(1) was incorrect on #fedora-devel, tmz pointed out to me why it worked that way (short version: refer […]

How to choose – a community difference moment


I’ve a little story I want to share with you. I’m telling it because it’s about the larger discussion of who you are and why you are drawn to one Linux distro over another.  Or one music style over another.  And so on.  It’s also about the differences between Fedora and Ubuntu, both in terms […]