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Your project idea is missing! Fedora & Google Summer of Code


All year long people say to me, “This or that project will be perfect for Google Summer of Code.” Where are all those projects? Not on the Fedora ideas page. Folks, check this out – your idea doesn’t have to be complete, or even contain much more than a few sketchy use cases. Sometimes you […]

Summer coding FAD


On the Friday of SCALE 8x we had a Fedora Activity Day (FAD) focused on getting ready for Google Summer of Code 2010.  As usual, we had people drop by to see what was going on, since “activity day” is an unclear bit of clubspeak.  (By clubspeak, I mean the language we use as insiders […]

Summer coding benefits to Fedora Project and


Time for a five year report. I did some research, analysis, and reporting recently about the Fedora Project and (later) participation in Google’s Summer of Code project.  I’ve done various parts in our GSoC effort since 2006, the second year we participated, and the last two summers I’ve been focusing on strategic work for […]

Students, start your engines — Fedora and project discussion period for Google Summer of Code


As of now, the Fedora Project and are a co-joined mentoring organization for Google’s Summer of Code this year.  Sweet. According to the timeline, 18 to 23 March is the time for students to talk about project ideas with the mentoring organization.  On 23 March, students can begin submitting proposals, which are due by […]

Show ’em how participation is done with a talk at the Red Hat Summit or JBoss World; deadline extended to 16 March


My favorite thing to hear from the mouth of Red Hat’s CEO Jim Whitehurst is (to paraphrase), “Red Hat is here to help customers becomes contributors to the projects that matter to them.” In that vein, I’ve made a few submissions of a talk/keynote, “Participate or Die“, including one to this year’s Red Hat Summit […]

Fedora is the best of ideas from your shower


This is Gavin King‘s vision of Fedora: Fedora has all the latest and greatest stuff that someone thought of in the shower in the morning and thought “this is the coolest thing ever”. [The] trouble is that you cannot support that for seven years. I think you mitigate the problem of a lot of crazy […]

GSoC statistics snapshot


Do the numbers yourself from “The Fedora Project &” page, but here is my quick dump from what I’ve seen so far: 68 proposals, 45 mentors 12 accepted projects (student slots) Approx 1 in 5 proposals rose to the top 25% of the accepted projects are about Transifex, which is a GSoC project from […]

Seek ye students


In the middle of the Summer of Code proposals process and it’s been a mixed yet mostly good experience. We still have room for more proposals, so keep helping interested students and encourage them to get in a proposal for Fedora or We’ll know at the beginning of next week if the student deadline […]

Summer coding 2008 with Fedora and


Just spotted the word that the combined projects of Fedora and are accepted as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code 2008. Fedora’s project ideas page is here, and’s is here. This is the first year that the two organizations have worked together. This was partially at the direction of Google; with […]

How to fish for new contributors


One way … tell it like it is. Make it your mission. Be funny and poignant when you write about it: I just started reading Andrew Lee Rubinger’s blog, or maybe he just began blogging? Not sure, but he has a polished, funny, irreverent, and clean writing style. In particular, I appreciate his thematic […]