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Category Archives: Family

June, what June?


I just noticed that the entire month of June passed, and I’ve been hidden away from the world – off work, off writing, off any community activities – caring for my wife while she goes through some tough times. She’s not out of the woods entirely yet, but clear fields are in sight and I’ve […]

Pondering why KDE, GNOME, ASF et al get so many GSoC projects


Back in the fall of 2009 I wrote a report that looked back on the Fedora Project’s five-years of involvement in Google Summer of Code (GSoC.) One glaring truth was that year-over-year we had not gotten any larger – eight students in 2005 to ten students in 2009. Similarly, our own Fedora Summer Coding had […]

Celebrating spousal abuse


Last night I finished watching ‘McLintock!‘ on YouTube, a later-career (1963) John Wayne film about a cattle baron with a feisty wife.  It’s also a celebration of spouse abuse.  One character, near the end of the movie trying to convince Wayne that it’s time to give his wife a good spanking, “My father said, when […]

OpenSource World? NOT!


With the rename to “OpenSource World (TM)”, the former LinuxWorld made it clear what many of us knew before then.  The show had seriously dropped in relevance, not only for business but also for the Linux communities.  Aren’t the open source projects the lifeblood for all of the commercial vendors present?  If so, why was […]

Polarity of child raising


It seems to me there are two fundamental world views that drive parenting.  Depending on which you subscribe to, it says how you are going to make many choices from there. Your goal is to prepare your child for a rich and abundant life in the real world. Your goal is to let your individual […]