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Dangers of in-person meetings for an existing community


It is inarguable there is a lot of value that we humans get from meeting with people in person. For a free/open source software project, this is often cited as the glue that holds together people whose normal interactions are textual (email, IRC) and lower-resolution than an in-person interaction gives. People who are bound together […]

SCALE 12x – CentOS and Infrastructure.Next


We’re very excited over here to be attending the twelfth annual Southern California Linux Expo, aka SCALE 12x, on 21 to 23 February in likely-to-be-sunny Los Angeles. On Friday, I’m going to hang out near the stage and nod cleverly as Jim Perrin tells us about “Growing CentOS as a Platform for Infrastructure Development“. You […]

Paris and Milan – Open World Forum and FUDCon


For my first trip out of North America, I’m very excited to be talking at Open World Forum on a panel about community citizenship, in Paris at the end of September. The following weekend I’ll attend FUDCon Milan, where I hope to stir up some cloud community discussions. So how about that for a first […]

OSCON and CLS 2010 highlights


As usual, when I get back from a big conference and trip, my mind is full processing everything that happened, and my life is full recovering from the effects of the travel.  Instead of a full report right here and now, I’m going to give a quick highlight of the latter part of July 2010. […]

Attending Fedora 13 release party in Walnut Creek

29-May-10 If you are going, see you there. Tomorrow morning I’ll get some goodies from Larry Cafiero up in Felton, and our media selection is going to be hand burned DVDs and CDs.  Doubt we have any labels, so a Fedora sticker and a permanent ink pen it is … I’ll bring a few ISOs […]

A travel FAIL


After a long run of relatively trouble free travel, though you couldn’t ever tell from my blood pressure, I finally whiffed one this morning. I forgot/underestimated the amount of people traveling at 5 am. The security line was monumental, although it really only took me 30 minutes ot traverse. The whole thing put me up […]