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Category Archives: Design

New skin, new list


Put up a new look for The Open Source Way tonight.  Graphic came from Red Hat Design and I like it.  Figured I would just put it up and try it on for size; see what opinions arise. Also another milestone tonight, I broke open the new mailing list and sent some random messages.  I […]

How to choose – a community difference moment


I’ve a little story I want to share with you. I’m telling it because it’s about the larger discussion of who you are and why you are drawn to one Linux distro over another.  Or one music style over another.  And so on.  It’s also about the differences between Fedora and Ubuntu, both in terms […]

Failure as the secret of success


People get mad at the Fedora Project all the time because something important to them fails to work.  “It used to work, it worked for a long time, and now it’s broken!”  They look at an idea that we tried out, failed, and learned from, and don’t understand how we could let that get in […]

Font rock


Like most of people I can imagine, fonts meant only one thing to me for a long time — another option to mess around with in a word processor to make things look “good”. A few years ago I got on an internal Red Hat mailing list for design discussions, and one thing that kept […]