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Mexican-style mocha – the Mexicano


This recipe builds on the cardamom coffee recipe I wrote about, not only instructions but also in how I came to discover the drink in the first place. As with much of my cooking, I go with inspiration based on experience and love of ingredients and preparation styles. I invent many dishes this way, but […]

Cardamom coffee


(If you like this recipe, try out the next evolution, the Mexicano, a Mexican-style mocha.) When I first read about the idea of putting cardamom in coffee, I was intrigued. I’ve always appreciated the effects of fresh, green cardamom pods in cooking, and the idea of an old Arabic tradition for welcoming a guest with […]

Coffee brewing


Look, there are a million ways to brew a cup of coffee. (If not a literal million, it often feels like it.) This tip is for when you are doing any kind of brewing where you manually add hot water to the grinds, such as for pouring through a paper filter. It gives the grounds […]