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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Making magic with Zikula for Fedora Insight


Pay attention if you want to know more about Zikula, want to work with it, and can spend some time helping Fedora Infrastructure.  Especially if you can do design and know (enough) CSS. Today I sat with my project manager glasses participating in an IRC work session on Fedora Insight.  The session, much of which […]

New skin, new list


Put up a new look for The Open Source Way tonight.  Graphic came from Red Hat Design and I like it.  Figured I would just put it up and try it on for size; see what opinions arise. Also another milestone tonight, I broke open the new mailing list and sent some random messages.  I […]

First keynote – crush or trash at #SCALE8x?


This past Saturday I gave my first keynote at the eighth Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE 8x), and I was pretty pleased with the results.  Informal survey says I crushed it, but you can take a look yourself below.  (Part 1 and Part 2) Overall, the keynote went great.  No real glitches and I survived […]

Improving the FLOSS legal landscape


At the close of SCALE 8x I caught a presentation by my colleague Richard Fontana, who was talking on Improving the Open Source Legal System.  Richard’s proposal is to consider FLOSS licensing and legal landscape as its own international legal system.  This is instead of how we do it now, which is to try mapping […]

Finishing SCALE 8x with a *whew*


From the big drive down, the FAD on Friday, through my keynote on Saturday, and the flurry of the event following that, I’m finishing off SCALE 8x with Richard Fontana’s talk on improving FOSS licensing. (Addendum, I was when I wrote that, but now it’s the next morning, epic drive home complete.) “I like the […]

Freed software


In English we have a well-known confusion with the word/term “free”.  It can refer either to something having no cost/price, or as a reference to essential matters of liberty. Words such as “freedom” might work, but are a bit much to say each team, and to me have the effect of hyperbole — big words […]

Talk legalese with us – Red Hat booth Saturday at SCALE 8x


As of this week’s plan, Richard Fontana and I are going to be at the Red Hat booth from 2 to 4 pm on Saturday 20 February at the Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) 8x. Being careful not to give legal advice, I think we’ll be there to have freeform discussions around: How and why […]

Blowing open the doors to contributions


A few key pieces just fell in place and now we can easily open The Open Source Way for contributions. All the legal bits passed muster, and the new contribution policy explains the rules.  It’s simple enough – by contributing, you agree to put your contributions under the CC BY SA 3.0 Unported.  Read the […]

Five fast minutes on The Open Source Way – Ignite at CLSWest


In January 2010 I participated in an Ignite session at the Community Leadership Summit West.  CLS West is a subset of the annual CLS, to be held this year again near OSCON in Portland, OR on 17 and 18 July 2010. This talk is in O’Reilly’s Ignite format, which is 20 slides that auto-advance every […]

Man fix dryer, ugh


When something breaks at my house, everyone turns to look at me. Not to accuse me of breaking it, although often enough … but in expectation that I’ll fix it.  Computer to clothes dryer, apparently, I have the tools and skills. Of course, I really don’t.  What I have in the family is the most […]