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New skin, new list

Put up a new look for The Open Source Way tonight.  Graphic came from Red Hat Design and I like it.  Figured I would just put it up and try it on for size; see what opinions arise.

Also another milestone tonight, I broke open the new mailing list and sent some random messages.  I have a lot trapped in my head, and getting it down and able to be organized in to tasks  is an important project goal.

Topics on this list, and the kind of things I’m going to begin writing about, include:

  • The future direction for content;
  • Specific discussions about the business chapter;
  • How we produce the book, from wiki to XML to git;
  • What needs to be done on the collaboration/contribution side, e.g.;
  • Sysadmin fun;
  • Project goals, direction, tactics, and strategy;
  • Meet on IRC?