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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Roadmap and communications plan for “The Open Source Way”


Having an open roadmap (and a communications plan is part of that) is a pretty integral part of running a community the open source way. Just as the idiom about the carpenter’s leaking roof, we have been going without a collaboratively written, working roadmap for “The Open Source Way“. To start that off, I am […]

New wok stove for outdoor-kitchen-to-be


@IndiaJoze just dropped by a used full-kitchen wok stove, with two main burners and a stock burner in the back. We have some ideas to simply mount wheels and use propane burners until we can build out the outdoor kitchen. What to use this for? All part of our urban farm, Fairy-Tale Farm, for demonstrations, […]

Pondering why KDE, GNOME, ASF et al get so many GSoC projects


Back in the fall of 2009 I wrote a report that looked back on the Fedora Project’s five-years of involvement in Google Summer of Code (GSoC.) One glaring truth was that year-over-year we had not gotten any larger – eight students in 2005 to ten students in 2009. Similarly, our own Fedora Summer Coding had […]

Your project idea is missing! Fedora & Google Summer of Code


All year long people say to me, “This or that project will be perfect for Google Summer of Code.” Where are all those projects? Not on the Fedora ideas page. Folks, check this out – your idea doesn’t have to be complete, or even contain much more than a few sketchy use cases. Sometimes you […]