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Roadmap and communications plan for “The Open Source Way”

Having an open roadmap (and a communications plan is part of that) is a pretty integral part of running a community the open source way. Just as the idiom about the carpenter’s leaking roof, we have been going without a collaboratively written, working roadmap for “The Open Source Way“.

To start that off, I am doing what I can to improve the roadmap page, just finished pushing out the communications plan parts that I can commit to, and have started a discussion on the mailing list about the roadmap and comms plan.

What I want to drive toward next (and very soon!) is a release schedule. I really do want to chop down and pulp up some trees (or use all post-consumer grey paper) to put out some actual handbooks you can hold. But that requires more of the content to just be there. (I don’t really want to print with any ‘example needed‘ sections.)