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Unstalling Fedora Docs

We’ve gotten pretty good at community written release notes. A few more silly bugs for Fedora 8 than before (and my bad for not helping to make them better — this is the first release since FC4 where I didn’t edit the entire release notes before they went over for translation), but really nothing to worry about.

On top of that, our Installation Guide is getting better every release. We also have a renewed effort on the Fedora Administration Guide and Desktop User Guide. I’m confident we’ll see those published on before the year’s end.

So what am I so concerned about? What is stalled?

Well, it’s mainly me that is stalled … And since I am the leader/chair for the project, that means my low state of momentum is infecting the rest of the project. For example, we haven’t had a consistent steering committee meeting in a few months. I haven’t done very much of the kind of work that is inspirational to other people in the project. We’ve got elections coming up, and I haven’t done anything to find or refresh our leadership. Heck, we’re not even sure we need that level of leadership.

From my experience, the only person you can fix is yourself, so that is where I am focusing. In my life, I’m taking on a renewed effort to be attentive to all the areas of my life. Dust has been collecting in many places, and that dust has a sort of ironic gravity — the more there is of it, there more collects, and the harder it is to clean up. It’s kind of like dust in real life. In this clean-up, perhaps I’ll find some areas I really don’t want to be involved in. I’ve already been saying “No, thanks” to many things in the last few months, which is unusual but good.

To be fair to myself, I’ve been busy building Dev Fu and migrating out several related projects I’ve been responsible for.

But I’ve built a life that requires a high level of maintenance. Until I can automate more of it, this is where I have to be — maintaining and building, and maintaining that.