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Elections can be painfully heartening

Catching the last of the low December sun’s afternoon heat out in the back 1/20th, I just finished casting a ballot for the Fedora Project Board elections. Some elections are spit-easy to vote in, and some are difficult.

This Board election stirs several feelings in me. One is the pain of sorting through a list of friends and fine associates to pick which of them gets the one thing you know they are all good enough for and more than deserving of.

Another is a bit of awe. Whilst I sit on the Project Board, it is as an appointed member, thanks to Red Hat. It is a great honor that Red Hat asked me to do this job, one I probably would have run for anyway. I understand why Matt Domsch is running again. Regardless of the honor of appointment, I find it pales in comparison to the fact of being elected. It’s a pretty awesome responsibility, speaking for the community. I don’t feel any less responsible being appointed, it is just a different feeling to the mandate.

Finally, relief. Another task completed and whisked off the list.